Gallery @town


@town – Living room

@town – Living room

@town – Living room

@town – corridor

@town – Living room

@town – Room B, C, E, F (Level 1)

@town – Pantry (Level 1)

@town – Room G (Level 1)

@Town – Kitchen

@Town – Kitchen


15 thoughts on “Gallery @town

  1. Yazid Sukor

    Hi, i would like to know if there’s any room available at Town. Do sms me at +65 9760 2992.

    Abt Me: Im a male, 38 working as a sound engineer for shows and events. always flying overseas for job assignment.

  2. Stephanie Montesinos Volder

    Hi, we’re a couple looking for at room in Town. We’re studying at NUS and SMU from 1. aug. – 1. dec. 2014.
    Kind regards Stephanie and Christopher

    • Hi Stephanie,

      For 1st aug, we have a few potential rooms.

      Since you will be going to NUS and SMU, the @town loft would be most suitable.

      The only thing is, its still quite some time till 1st aug, the existing beavers can still renew.

      Please check back with us sometime in June, we should be able to arrange a room for you then.

      Best Regards,
      The Beavers

  3. YL Lim

    I am looking for a room preferrably with attached bathroom from 19th Jan 2014 for about 10 weeks.

    Pls advise whether room is available and locations of your lofts.

    Appreciate your early reply. Thank you.

  4. JB Jonquet

    I am looking for a room likely with attached toilets, for my girlfriend and I. Ready to move in at the end of March.
    The lease would be until the end of August, and located nearby the center.
    Looking forward to read you.


  5. Hi there I need a room to rent for at least 3 months, max 1 year. But my dependent pass expired end March so I’m in Singapore only like a tourist untill I will have managed to set up my own business here. Is there any place to stay?

  6. Erin

    Hi there:
    Just a quick question about the Beaverloft@town! By looking at the pictures it seems that I will be sharing the bathroom with the others (which is cool for me) however would there be any housekeeping services provided in that case?
    Also is the rental inclusive or exclusive of the utilities?

    xx Erin

  7. S. Sivaruban

    Please let know your contact number.

    I’m looking for a room (with attached toilet preferable) from July/August 2015 for my stay in Singapore for employment. I’m a male and single.

    Please let me know the facilities and rates of available rooms. Also, let me know whether the utility bills and housekeeping services are included in the pricing.



  8. Sanjaya

    One of my friends is planning to come to singapore on 28th Sep 2015 and they will be staying here for 4 weeks
    They are a couple with a kid and both are doctors coming here for an attachment at NUH.
    May I know whether you have any place during this period and rates ,its ideal if they can find a place closer to NUH but traveling for some distance is okay for them also.
    Also, let me know whether the utility bills and housekeeping services are included in the pricing.

    Best regards

  9. Martin

    Hi I’m looking for a room for a Friend who will be coming in a month’s time but her Budget is only $700 per month. She’ll be staying for 6 months and location isn’t really an issue for her. She’s looking out for a small room for herself with roommates around the same age as her because she is really sociable. Are there any such deals?

  10. Nav

    Hello. I am looking to stay at the town loft from Jan 2019 for a period of 6 months as I might be working with a company in Bishan. I dont mind the size of the room as long as I have access to my own bathroom. Please let me know. My budget is within 800-900 SGD.

  11. Aditya

    Hello sir/mam,
    We are in a group of 4 to 6 people studying here at Singapore polytechnic. We are searching for HBD or seperate double rooms for all of us . Budget is 3000 for HBD for 6 and 1200 for double room . Availability from 23rd January +65 85898339

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