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Dear future beavers,

Here is the list of rooms we have and the date of availability. Click on this link Gallery, for pictures.

@town – level 1 (Right Beside Farrer Park MRT, Exit B)

Room A: Goodness its HUGE! – S$1,500 / month [Available from 31st May 2016]

Room B: Still its HUGE – S$1,400 / month [Available immediately]cropped-beaver.png

Room C: As big as room B – S$1,400 / month [Available from 15th November 2015 onwards]

Room D: Big square room – S$1,400 / month [Available from 30 April 2016 onwards]

Room E: Smallest of the lot but still big – S$950 /month [Available from 30th August 2016 onwards]

Room F: You got to be kidding! – S$1,400 / month [Available immediately]cropped-beaver.png

Room G: Sweet, that’s a lot of space – S$1,400 / month [Available from 12th November 2015 onwards]

Please be informed that the price are subjected to changes.

@town – level 2 (Right Beside Farrer Park MRT, Exit B)  

Room A: Cool nice HUGE room – S$1,500 / month [Available from 17th of June 2016 onward]

Room B: Huge room – S$1,400 / month [Available from 15th of May 2016 onwards]

Room C: The Middle corner room – S$900 / month  [Available from 17th of September 2015 onwards]cropped-beaver.png

Room D: Big room – S$ 1,200 / month  [Available 12th August 2015 onwards]cropped-beaver.png

Room E: Bigger room – S$1,300 / month [Available from 2nd of January 2016 onwards]

Room F: HUGE Room – S$1,400 / month [Available from 11th of October 2015 onwards]

Room G: The room with Balcony – S$1000 / month [Available from 7th of January 2016 onwards]

Room H: Cosy room – S$900 / month [Available from 14th July 2016 onwards]

@katong (Near Dakota MRT & Paya Lebar MRT)

Room A: Pico room – S$950 / month [Available from 9th February 2016 onwards]

Room B: Big Balcony room 1 – S$1300 / month [Available 7th of March 2016 onwards]

Room C: Big Balcony room 2 – S$1300 / month [Available from the 31st of October 2015 onwards]

Room D: Awesome airy HUGE room – S$1400 / month [Available from 2nd September 2015]cropped-beaver.png

Room E: Big middle room – S$1100 / month [Available from 31st October 2015]

Room F: HUGE room – S$1300 / month (Available from 12th of October 2015 onwards]

Room G: Similarly HUGE room – S$1300 / month [Available from the 1st of August 2015 onwards]cropped-beaver.png

*Prices subjected to changes

@bukit timah (Near Bukit Timah Community Centre)

Room B: Big room: The biggest room here  S$950 / month [Available from 15th of November 2015]

Room C: Cosy Room: Nice size room S$600 / month [Available from the 31st December 2015]

Room D: Cosy Room: Nice size room S$600 / month [Not available until further notice]

Room E: Mid size room: S$750 / month [Available from 14th of Feb 2016 onwards]

Room F: The biggest room here  S$950 / month [Available Immediately]cropped-beaver.png

Room G: Picolo Room: The smallest cosiest room S$550 / month [Available from 4th of December 2015 onwards]

Room H: The Nice big room: S$950 / month [Available Immediately]cropped-beaver.png

For more information, please contact us @

All the best,

The Beavers

*Keep Chewin’

22 thoughts on “Rooms Available

  1. Shakti


    Am looking to rent one of the Bukit Timah rooms (either the 550 or 600$ ones) as soon as it is free to rent. Could I have more details as to whether or not it is available?


  2. Rahmasari

    Hi, we are working couple looking for a room. Our budget is $650 Max. We will start our tenancy from 6 April 2014 onward. Is there any available room? I’m reachable at 94790205. Thanks

  3. lily

    I need a room from 1 june 2014 or 1 july 2014, prefer in central location.
    Let me know if there is any available room.
    Thank you.

  4. Wong Jo Ling


    Am looking to rent one of the Bukit Timah rooms (either the 550 or 600$ ones), is the room still available?


  5. Amanda Lee

    We are Malaysian Chinese couple who are going for further study. We need a room near clementi or bukit timah. Budget max S$900. will start tenancy in end of July or early of Aug. Is there any available room?


    Hello. I am a student at SIM. I was interested in renting out a room in either Bukit Timah or Farrer Park. Need it from mid-September. Around 8-9 months. Is it possible to rent it out?

  7. Jen

    Hi, I’m looking for a single room on 1/1/2015 near raffles design institute. My budget is $500. Can you please reply to me. The room must be fully renovated and clean. The place I’m looking is a quiet and convenient to school.


  8. Shannon Mortimer

    I’m an exchange student from Canada attending NTU from Jan till May 2015. I’m looking for a place to live and my budget is about 800$ maximum per month. (Preferably less). I am looking for a private room.

    Let me know if you’ve got anything available!

  9. Swetha

    I am a student at SMU. I am looking for a room. Please do let me know if there are any rooms available as of now.
    Thanks ,

  10. luth isharaf

    hi i’m looking for room for 2 person with max budget of 800 sgd.hopefully near our workplace at u have one available? can start renting tis 10 feb.

  11. Robin Marchione

    Hey guys,

    I am interning in Singapore from May 25th through August 14th.

    Please let me know if there is any room available near central.


    Robin Marchione

  12. Srikanth

    I am working professional and need a room to stay in a private room for 6-9 months starting June 2015. What is the earliest time I should check with you on availability and probably block a room. My personal preference is the one at Farrer Park MRT.

  13. Rahul

    I am looking for a one bedroom/Studio accommodation from 10th August 2015 – can rent for 6 months or longer. My preferred areas are Robertson Quay, Holland Village, Orchard Road, Novena and Tanglin.

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